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July 15, 2024, 2:32 am UTC    
August 27, 2020 08:10AM
Abu Roash to Giza to Abu Sir to Saqqara to Dahshur (revised repost) - [www.maatforum.com]


The Layer Pyramid (repost) - [www.maatforum.com]

Finding "Petrie's Tomb" (Updated) - [www.maatforum.com]

A trip to the Theban Hills - [www.maatforum.com]

Another trip to the Theban Hills - [www.maatforum.com]

A visit to the Tura Quarry - [www.maatforum.com]

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Jon Bodsworth: Updated photographs of some Egyptian sites (Summer 2020)

Hermione August 27, 2020 08:10AM

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