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June 21, 2024, 2:33 pm UTC    
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Sticky Jon Bodsworth: Updated photographs of some Egyptian sites (1 Posts)

Hermione 08/27/2020 08:12AM

Sticky Waggy's Guides (7 Posts)

Hermione 06/13/2019 04:44PM

Sticky Rules and Guidelines (including guidance on Copyright) (1 Posts)

Katherine Reece 09/29/2019 04:22PM

The geography and geology of south-eastern Egypt (1912)

Hermione 06/21/2024 05:28AM

Babylonian Temples and Monumental Architecture online

Hermione 05/15/2024 12:30PM

The Flooding of Lagash: Evidence for Urban Destruction under Lugalzagesi, the King of Uruk.

Paul H. 05/08/2024 12:46PM

Japan's Chinsekikan (Hall of Curious Rocks)

Paul H. 05/07/2024 01:00PM

"Time(s) in Ancient Egyptian : Perspectives of a broad Lexical Study. The case of dwA.t and dwA" by Gaëlle Chantrain

Hermione 02/28/2024 01:08PM

Re: "Time(s) in Ancient Egyptian : Perspectives of a broad Lexical Study. The case of dwA.t and dwA" by Gaëlle Chantrain

Corvidius 04/25/2024 06:53AM

"Tutankhamun Knew the Names of the Two Great Gods ... "

Hermione 04/25/2024 09:27AM

"Saying what we mean, meaning what we say" - Paper about pseudoarchaeological colonialism

Paul H. 04/22/2024 10:32AM

Egyptological Open Access Journals

Hermione 04/12/2024 03:34AM

Sothic dating of the Egyptian Old Kingdom( 2024 - Alexander Puchkov)

Hermione 04/04/2024 03:09AM

Secondary Epigraphy and Members of the Funerary Cult Staff. The Graffito of the Dining-Hall Administrator ... Kai-hersetef

Hermione 04/03/2024 07:51AM

Sustainability problems of the Giza pyramids (2020)

Hermione 04/02/2024 10:23AM

(17 Apr 2024) Synchronous Eastern Hemisphere Societal Collapses at 4.2 ka BP - 12:00 pm-1:30 pm EDT (Zoom)

Hermione 03/30/2024 03:09AM

ALTERNATIVE EGYPTOLOGY Critical essays on the relation between academic and alternative interpretations of ancient Egypt

Hermione 03/21/2024 03:27AM

Re: ALTERNATIVE EGYPTOLOGY Critical essays on the relation between academic and alternative interpretations of ancient Egypt

Hermione 03/21/2024 03:44AM

The Orion Correlation Theory: Past, Present, and Future? (Willem van Haarlem)

Hermione 03/21/2024 08:44AM

The Ancient World Revisited: Material Dimensions of Written Artefacts

Hermione 03/16/2024 12:33PM

The Classical Gazetteer : Hazlitt, William (1851)

Hermione 03/08/2024 10:06AM

Names and places in the Old and New Testament and Apocrypha, with their modern identifications (1889)

Hermione 03/08/2024 10:00AM

A Minor Biblical Prophet Lives Again—Among the Dead

Hermione 03/07/2024 08:55AM

WEBS: The Narmer Catalog

Hermione 02/28/2024 01:51PM

Egypt Exploration Society (London WC1) Collection Availability (restricted 27 02 2024 and foreseeable future)

Hermione 02/27/2024 10:27AM

Easter Island Origins - 2024 NOVA Episode - Currently open access - eventually it will be paywalled

Paul H. 02/23/2024 10:02PM

(Book Review) The archaeological survey of the desert roads between Berenike and the Nile Valley (Sidebotham)

Hermione 02/16/2024 08:32AM

Words in context: The use of Fecit in the milestones of Roman Hispania

Hermione 02/13/2024 08:51AM

"Ancient Egypt" Feb/Mar 2015

Hermione 02/13/2024 08:43AM

(Open Access) Personal Names in Cuneiform Texts from Babylonia (c. 750–100 BCE)

Hermione 02/09/2024 10:12AM

Storage in Ancient Egypt and Nubia (Read online for free)

Hermione 02/03/2024 04:56PM

Re: Storage in Ancient Egypt and Nubia (Read online for free)

Hermione 02/03/2024 05:13PM

Solar Geometry and the Organization of the Annual Cycle Through Architecture and the Funerary Landscape in Qubbet El Hawa (Jiménez-Serrano, 2022)

Hermione 02/03/2024 04:41PM

Syria's Monuments: their Survival and Destruction (2016) - Open access

Hermione 01/30/2024 08:33AM

The Knights Templar

Hermione 01/30/2024 05:35AM

Hieroglyphs - vol. 1 & 2

Hermione 01/16/2024 10:33AM

Until end Jan 2024: Cornell University Press SCS/AIA 2024 Free Reads

Hermione 01/07/2024 08:23AM

Journal of Egyptological Studies (JES) - (6) 2023

Hermione 01/06/2024 01:42PM

Mapping Milesian Migration Processes and practices of migration in the Archaic Period (Knight, J. B., 2022; PhD Thesis)

Hermione 12/16/2023 11:54AM

The Roman Lower Danube Frontier (Eds., Hanscam, Karavas)

Hermione 12/16/2023 05:34AM

Archive Egyptology papers from Waseda University (Pyramid; Sphinx)

Hermione 12/14/2023 04:48AM

Time's Up! Dating the Minoan eruption of Santorini (2009: Warburton)

Hermione 12/13/2023 08:40AM

Compulsion and Control in Ancient Egypt (ed. Alexandre Loktionov)

Hermione 12/10/2023 09:44AM

Dating the end of the Old Kingdom

engbren 12/06/2023 11:31PM

How The Nile Has Changed Course Over The Past 5,000 Years

Hermione 12/05/2023 05:12AM

(Nikolova) The King and the Sun God in the Pyramid Texts,

Hermione 12/01/2023 01:47PM

"Whose tools are these? An artificial neural network applied to the classification of the Old Kingdom Egyptian chisels." (Martin Odler)

Hermione 12/01/2023 09:40AM

Archive post on neural networks (in another context)

Hermione 12/01/2023 09:41AM

(Lekov) The Concept of the Revivification of the Dead Body by the Sun Rays,

Hermione 11/29/2023 10:12AM

The Evolution of Libyans’ Identity Markers in Egyptian Iconography. The Tjehenu Example (Panaite)

Hermione 11/27/2023 07:39AM

Graffiti Scratched, Scrawled, Sprayed (Open Access)

Hermione 11/26/2023 04:54PM

Until December 6 2023: free download - Ben Haring, Hieroglyphs, Pseudo-Scripts and Alphabets

Hermione 11/23/2023 10:25AM

Until December 6 2023: free download - Niv Allon, Hana Navratilova, Scribal Culture in Ancient Egypt

Hermione 11/23/2023 09:07AM

'How Pharaohs Became Media Stars: Ancient Egypt and Popular Culture'

Hermione 11/22/2023 11:53AM

Egyptology Books and Articles in PDF online (updated 23 10 2023)

Hermione 11/19/2023 10:30AM

Ingholt Archive (publ. 2021)

Hermione 11/17/2023 01:22PM

Exploring the Book of the Dead through the Getty Collection

Hermione 11/16/2023 12:54PM

(Mokrý, Aula Orientalis, 2023) Two Previously Unedited Early Dynastic Incantations from CUSAS 32 1, Presumably against Scorpions

Hermione 11/14/2023 07:17AM

Wepwawet: Research Papers in Egyptology, Volume 2

Hermione 11/10/2023 12:01PM

Astronomy in Ancient Egypt (Quack)

Hermione 11/07/2023 05:56AM

How the Coptic Script Came About (Quack)

Hermione 11/06/2023 05:40PM

Translating the realities of cult. The case of the Book of the Temple (Quack)

Hermione 11/06/2023 05:12PM

From ritual to magic: Ancient Egyptian precursors of the charitesion and their social setting (Quack)

Hermione 11/06/2023 05:00PM

A Goddess Rising 10.000 Cubits into the Air ... Or Only One Cubit, One Finger? (Quack)

Hermione 11/06/2023 04:52PM

eBOOK: The Reuse of Tombs in Eastern Arabia (Döpper)

Hermione 11/06/2023 04:44PM

18 November 2023, 7..00 PM (UK), 2:00 PM ET; Public (Zoom) Lecture: A Chronicle No Longer Gold’ - Registration required

Hermione 11/03/2023 09:31AM

The Danish Naval Officer Frederik Ludvig Norden. His Travel in Egypt 1737-38 and his Voyage (3 chs.; 40 pgs.)

Hermione 11/02/2023 05:22PM

Smeaton's Eddystone lighthouse designs on show in Leeds

Hermione 10/29/2023 07:23AM

Time(s) in Ancient Egyptian (Chantrain, 2015)

Hermione 10/28/2023 05:33AM