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October 6, 2022, 11:04 am UTC    
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Sticky Jon Bodsworth: Updated photographs of some Egyptian sites (1 Posts)

Hermione 08/27/2020 08:12AM

Sticky Waggy's Guides (7 Posts)

Hermione 06/13/2019 04:44PM

Sticky Rules and Guidelines (including guidance on Copyright) (1 Posts)

Katherine Reece 09/29/2019 04:22PM

(M. Barta) Journey to the West The world of the Old Kingdom tombs in Ancient Egypt

Hermione 10/06/2022 03:58AM

"The Passage under the Sphinx." (Hawass, Zahi and Mark Lehner, 1994)

Hermione 10/04/2022 07:35AM

AWOL - The Ancient World Online Edit Unfollow Open Access Monograph Series: Giza Mastabas Series Online

Hermione 10/01/2022 10:14AM

In the Shadow of Djoser’s Pyramid

Hermione 09/29/2022 06:41AM

Open Access Monograph Series: Current Research in Egyptology

Hermione 09/28/2022 07:44AM

Notes on the Karatepe Storm-god Tarhunza

Hermione 01/22/2022 09:11AM

Re: Notes on the Karatepe Storm-god Tarhunza

Hermione 09/27/2022 09:26AM

The MORTEXVAR database (Coffin Texts)

Hermione 09/26/2022 07:20AM

Eastern Sudan in its Setting: The archaeology of a region far from the Nile Valley

Hermione 09/20/2022 10:15AM

Egyptian Revival in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Home Daily Life

Hermione 09/13/2022 03:12AM

A Comparative Study between Khufu’s First and Second Boats in Respect of Their Materials, Archaeological Conditions, and Conservation

Hermione 09/04/2022 08:22AM

CAWM Map Tiles Consortium of Ancient World Mappers

Hermione 08/31/2022 08:44AM

Propylaeum-DOK: Digital Repository: Egyptology

Hermione 08/29/2022 07:47AM

Yorkshire Archaeological Journal Archive

Hermione 08/26/2022 03:55AM

(M. Barta) Temporary and Permanent. Status Race and the Mechanism of Change in a Complex Civilisation: Ancient Egypt in between 2900 and 2120 BC

Hermione 08/25/2022 03:44AM

Egyptian Archaeology and the 21st Century Museum

Byrd 08/23/2022 10:51PM

(6/10 Aug 2022) Pyramids of Giza (free 8-week Harvard course; Manuelian)

Hermione 08/06/2022 03:23AM

Ancient Egyptian Food Prohibitions

Hermione 08/04/2022 08:21AM

Building the Pyramids

Hermione 07/24/2022 02:24PM

DEIR EL-MEDINA Through the Kaleidoscope - Free download

Hermione 07/16/2022 07:19AM

Open Access: Changing Life in Egyptian Alexandria: Testimony of the Islamic Cemetery on Kom el-Dikka

Hermione 07/16/2022 05:57AM

Egyptian Beer

Hermione 07/15/2022 04:46AM

Ancient Egyptian quarries (2009): James A. Harrell and Per Storemyr

Hermione 07/07/2022 03:25AM

The Story of Egyptology in Russia | Alex Loktionov

Hermione 07/04/2022 05:25AM

SASA Fall 2022 Internship Applications Are Open

Hermione 06/30/2022 02:03PM

Pyramid Mummies (Sp.; Fr.): Jose Miguel Parra (2011)

Hermione 06/29/2022 08:57AM

The so-called concave faces of the Great Pyramid (Monnier)

Hermione 06/26/2022 02:09AM

Re: The so-called concave faces of the Great Pyramid (Monnier)

waggy 06/26/2022 02:45AM

Geological and Geomorphological study of the original hill at the base of Fourth Dynasty Egyptian monuments.

Hermione 06/26/2022 02:22AM

Frontiers of the Roman Empire: The Antonine Wall - Breeze (Open access)

Hermione 06/25/2022 10:33AM

Evers "Staat aus dem Stein – Denkmäler, Geschichte ... "

Hermione 06/19/2022 08:06AM

Tracking the Neolithic in the Near East: Lithic Perspectives on Its Origins, Development and Dispersals (Read online for free)

Hermione 06/17/2022 03:46AM

Lost Heritage Atlas

Hermione 06/14/2022 02:37PM

Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture - JAEA 5

Hermione 06/08/2022 10:51AM

Virtual World Heritage Laboratory

Hermione 06/06/2022 04:22AM

(Free online) The Ancient Egyptians and the Natural World: Flora, Fauna, and Science

Hermione 06/04/2022 06:22AM

A New Money Economy at the Dawn of the Iron Age

Hermione 06/02/2022 07:55AM

3D Code of Hammurabi

Hermione 06/02/2022 07:49AM

Fakes and Forgeries of Written Artefacts from Ancient Mesopotamia to Modern China

Hermione 06/01/2022 03:40AM

Re: Fakes and Forgeries of Written Artefacts from Ancient Mesopotamia to Modern China

Hermione 06/01/2022 03:43AM


Hermione 06/01/2022 03:46AM

Contemporary Documented Regnal Years, 4th - 6th Dynasty

Hermione 05/31/2022 02:35PM

Rundle Foundation for Egyptology e-Newsletter

Hermione 05/30/2022 10:54AM

Google mapping the Roman roads

Hermione 05/29/2022 11:36AM

Questioning the Void - Lightbody (2018)

Hermione 05/29/2022 02:50AM

"Archaeometallurgical study of copper alloy tools and model tools from the Old Kingdom necropolis at Giza" by Martin Odler

Hermione 05/27/2022 09:06AM

AERAGRAM Volume 13, No. 2

Hermione 05/25/2022 10:19AM

Dynamic palaeography of hieratic and cursive hieroglyphs

Hermione 05/25/2022 08:19AM

compilation of contemporary documented regnal years from 4th - 6th dynasty,

Hermione 05/17/2022 08:34AM

Notions of Cosmos in the Step Pyramid Complex - Florence Dunn Friedman

Hermione 05/15/2022 08:30AM

War in Old Kingdom Egypt (2686 – 2125 BCE) - Moreno Garcia

Hermione 05/12/2022 08:51AM

Anchor produced from an obsolete Egyptian engraving Megadim Coast | Middle Bronze Age IIB – Late Bronze Age (17th–13th century BCE) |

Hermione 05/12/2022 08:37AM

A new scientific series: ANTARA

Hermione 05/08/2022 12:28PM

The Origin of Obsidian in Predynastic and Early Dynastic Upper Egypt (Bavay, de Putter 2000)

Hermione 05/02/2022 03:18AM

Original Lunar Calendar and Cattle Counts in Old Kingdom Egypt (2003)

Hermione 05/01/2022 05:22AM

Main Sanctuary of Amun-Re

Hermione 04/29/2022 02:12PM

Bent Pyramid (Colin Reader, 2019)

Hermione 04/27/2022 03:50AM

More on the Bent Pyramid

Hermione 04/27/2022 03:54AM

Digital introduction to hieroglyphic Egyptian script and language [German]

Hermione 04/25/2022 04:59AM

Toponyms in the Bible

Hermione 04/25/2022 04:52AM

Petrie: The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh

Hermione 04/21/2022 04:05AM

More detailed and longer 1st edition

waggy 04/21/2022 12:29PM

Re: More detailed and longer 1st edition

Hermione 04/21/2022 02:11PM

Re: More detailed and longer 1st edition

waggy 04/22/2022 01:58AM

Re: More detailed and longer 1st edition

Hermione 04/22/2022 05:44AM

Re: More detailed and longer 1st edition

waggy 04/22/2022 08:53AM

Re: More detailed and longer 1st edition

Hermione 04/22/2022 09:50AM

Roman Roads and Milestones of Asia Minor

Hermione 04/19/2022 09:26AM

The Digital Rosetta Stone Project

Hermione 04/18/2022 11:24AM

"Stone Tool Production" 2010 - Thomas Hikade

Hermione 04/17/2022 02:52AM

Hey, Where did those First Migrants Go? (Video: 22:38)

Hermione 04/12/2022 02:50PM