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December 6, 2022, 7:39 am UTC    
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Hermione 02/14/2022 05:28AM

Transportation Techniques in Ancient Egypt [German]

Hermione 02/12/2022 12:08PM

[10-24 Feb 2022: Free online] - Power and Regions in Ancient States An Egyptian and Mesoamerican Perspective (Feinman and Moreno García)

Hermione 02/10/2022 11:26AM

Re: [10-24 Feb 2022: Free online] - Power and Regions in Ancient States An Egyptian and Mesoamerican Perspective (Feinman and Moreno García)

Hermione 02/10/2022 11:31AM

Atra-Hasis (2021) (podcast, 18:00)

Hermione 02/09/2022 03:14PM

LOS CANALES EN LA PIRÁMIDE DE KEOPS [Air channels in the GP] (Krauss)

Hermione 02/08/2022 01:23PM

Pharaohs' Harbors: Early Pharaonic Ports on the Red Sea Coast (Becktell)

Hermione 02/05/2022 04:13AM

Using Ostraca in the Ancient World

Hermione 01/31/2022 09:50AM

The Arnold Meijer Archives of Egyptian Art

Hermione 01/31/2022 09:33AM

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

Hermione 01/26/2022 09:10AM

Roundup of Resources on Ancient Geography - AWOL

Hermione 01/23/2022 06:31AM

Boat Symbolism in Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt (Vanhulle)

Hermione 01/21/2022 10:41AM

Prague Egyptological Studies (PES) – back issues

Hermione 01/20/2022 04:45AM

Wadi Khashab: Unearthing Late Prehistory in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

Hermione 01/20/2022 04:10AM

Iconographic and Palaeographic Elements Datinga Late Dynasty Rock Art Site at Nag el-Hamdulab

Hermione 01/19/2022 07:07AM

Archive of the Department of Antiquities of Mandatory Palestine (1919 – 1948)

Hermione 01/17/2022 04:43AM

Wadi Khashab - Unearthing Late Prehistory in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

Hermione 01/13/2022 04:44PM

Late fourth millennium BCE in the Nile Valley (Campagno)

Hermione 01/13/2022 07:12AM

(Bhm.; Alabama) Lost Realms of the Moundbuilders: (until 6 Feb 2022)

Hermione 01/07/2022 01:55PM

Recent thread/book on Moundbuilders

Hermione 01/07/2022 01:57PM

Predynastic human representations. Two sides of a story (Hendrickx, S.; Droux, X. & Eyckerman, M.)

Hermione 01/07/2022 10:52AM

Hieroglyphs translated in a split second

Hermione 01/06/2022 04:11PM

Egyptian Root Lexicon (89 Euros)

Hermione 01/06/2022 08:58AM

Gebel Sheikh Suleiman : a First Dynasty Relief ... (Tallet, Somaglino 2015)

Hermione 01/06/2022 06:53AM

Enemies of the state: Perceptions of "otherness" and state formation in Egypt (de Wit)

Hermione 01/04/2022 05:58AM

Who was Menes?

Hermione 01/02/2022 02:41PM

The Early Hieroglyphic Annotation in the Nag el-Hamdulab Rock Art Tableaux (Coleman Darnell)

Hermione 01/01/2022 09:09AM

Turquois mosaic art in ancient Mexico, by Marshall H. Saville (Gutenberg eBook)

Hermione 12/31/2021 07:15AM

Geological and Geomorphological study of the original hill at the base of Fourth Dynasty Egyptian monuments. (Raynaud et al.)

Hermione 12/30/2021 06:04PM


Hermione 12/30/2021 05:40AM

The myth of the Unification of Egypt by the Narmer Palette (Scott Allan)

Hermione 12/29/2021 01:24PM

Preliminary work on Digital Babylon

Hermione 12/29/2021 08:44AM

"Digital Unwrapping of the Mummy of King Amenhotep I (1525–1504 BC) Using CT" (Saleem, Hawass)

Hermione 12/28/2021 09:39AM

Archaeologia Bulgarica Supplements

Hermione 12/19/2021 10:08AM

3D video reconstruction of ancient Athens (YT, 12:12)

Hermione 12/18/2021 10:54AM

Ancient warfare during the Ramesside Period (webinar)

Hermione 12/18/2021 10:43AM


Hermione 12/18/2021 09:41AM

An Unpublished Manuscript of The Teaching of Khety (P. Turin CGT 54019)

Hermione 12/16/2021 10:05AM

Continuity and change in the visual representations of Predynastic Egypt (Hendrickx, Eyckerman, 2008)

Hermione 12/16/2021 09:57AM

Mesopotamian objects: Online at the Getty

Hermione 12/15/2021 11:40AM

"BabCity--Corpus of Babylonian Texts Concerning the Urban Landscape" (ORACC)

Hermione 12/13/2021 11:30AM

The emergence of the Egyptian state (Hendrickx, 2014)

Hermione 12/12/2021 09:07AM

Photographic archive, Egyptian Museum (Turin)

Hermione 12/09/2021 04:49PM

Conflict in the Iconography of the Protodynastic and Early Dynastic Periods (Hamilton)

Hermione 12/08/2021 07:58AM

"The territorial administration of the kingdom in the 3rd millennium" - Moreno Garcia (ed.) 2013

Hermione 12/07/2021 06:06AM

Glass: Lapis Lazuli from the Kiln

Hermione 05/06/2021 08:48AM

A Brief Scientific History of Glass

Hermione 12/02/2021 10:38AM

Reading Babylonian astronomical tablets

Hermione 12/01/2021 11:36AM

The Difference 5½ in a Problem of Rations from the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus (Miatello)

Hermione 12/01/2021 09:17AM

Babylonians' pre-Greek mathematical discoveries (BBC video, 04:03)

Hermione 11/27/2021 04:17AM

November 2021 issue of The SAA Archaeological Record is now available online

Paul H. 11/26/2021 12:25PM

Transformation Whitley Strieber’s Paranormal Gnosis (Roberts)

Hermione 11/26/2021 04:08AM

Open Access: Bulletin of the British Foundation For the Study of Arabia

Hermione 11/25/2021 01:51PM

Chronological considerations: Fragments from the tomb of Hetepet at Giza

Hermione 11/19/2021 07:16AM

The Location of Ta-Sty and related subjects

Hermione 11/16/2021 01:52PM

Theban Desert Road Survey II: The Rock Shrine of Pahu, Gebel Akhenaton ... (Darnell)

Hermione 11/07/2021 04:13AM

Theban Desert Road Survey in the Egyptian Western Desert v. 1: The Rock Inscriptions of Gebel Tjauti in the Theban Western Desert, Part 1 ... (Darnell)

Hermione 11/16/2021 01:33PM

Hey! I Told You Flying Saucers Are Real!

Hermione 11/15/2021 03:38AM

Return to the Menkaure Valley Temple (AERA)

Hermione 11/13/2021 04:49AM

How big is our Universe?

Hermione 11/10/2021 01:05PM

Virtual Malqata, the Amenhotep III Palace 3D Reconstruction Project

Hermione 11/10/2021 08:52AM

Gentleman Scholar and Pioneering Artist - Sir John Gardner Wilkinson

Hermione 11/10/2021 08:48AM

Archives in Ancient Egypt, 2500-1000 BCE (Hagen)

Hermione 11/09/2021 05:14AM

Hatshepsut and Cultic Revelries in the New Kingdom (Betsy M. Bryan,)

Hermione 11/07/2021 01:11PM