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December 6, 2022, 6:47 am UTC    
October 01, 2022 10:14AM
In 1902 the Egyptian Antiquities Service (now called the Supreme Council of Antiquities) granted permits for scientific excavations at the royal pyramids and private mastaba tombs of Giza. The American team under George A. Reisner (1867–1942), eventually became the Joint Egyptian Expedition of Harvard University and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 1905, and continued almost uninterrupted until Reisner's death in 1942. The Expedition formally closed in 1947. Despite the publication of his monumental History of the Giza Necropolis I–II, Reisner was unable to see through the press an additioal 5,000 pages of unpublished manuscript (Giza Necropolis II, III, IV), or begin the tomb-by-tomb publication series he originally envisioned. This task was initiated by William Kelly Simpson in the early 1970s in the form of the Giza Mastabas Series. The goal of the project is to continue and complete the publication of Reisner’s excavations at Giza, fully documenting the mastaba tombs with descriptive text, hieroglyphic translations, facsimile line drawings, plans, sections, and photographs.

Links to:

Giza Mastabas Vol. 1:
The Mastaba of Queen Mersyankh III

Dows Dunham and William Kelly Simpson

Giza Mastabas Vol. 2:
The Mastabas of Qar and Idu

William Kelly Simpson

Giza Mastabas Vol. 3:
The Mastabas of Kawab, Khafkhufu I and II

William Kelly Simpson

Giza Mastabas Vol. 4:
Mastabas of the Western Cemetery, Part I

William Kelly Simpson

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Hermione October 01, 2022 10:14AM

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