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January 17, 2022, 3:28 am UTC    
August 15, 2021 09:29AM
Ilin-Tomich, Alexander:

<< I would like to present a new version of the online database “Persons
and Names of the Middle Kingdom” that I have been developing at
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz with the funding from Fritz
Thyssen Foundation. This version now covers non-royal persons
and personal names from the Middle Kingdom and the Second
Intermediate Period (late 11th–17th Dynasty). The preliminary version
announced in 2018 was limited to the Second Intermediate Period.
Some occasional First Intermediate Period sources are also included
in the database, but no attempt was made to cover them systematically. >>


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Persons and Names of the Middle Kingdom: New online database

Hermione August 15, 2021 09:29AM

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