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December 2, 2021, 1:41 pm UTC    
June 15, 2019 03:36AM
cladking Wrote:
> The level of detail in these is so good I would
> love to see guides for the more well traveled
> pyramids like G1 and the Step Pyramid.

I will do those structures eventually, but they have been done to death by so many, that l prefer to concentrate on the more neglected sites that get little attention. That said, l think l can add to the corpus of material on the gizamids, though before l start there are still areas of data that l need to clarify. For example in the GP, Lepre says of the inset stones of the grand gallery.

" In regard to the series of inset stones located along the Gallery's east and west lower wall sections, the author noticed that all the inset stones on the east wall, except for one vertical set, were in a slightly slanted position from true vertical; and that all of the others on the west wall, except for one slanted set, were in a true vertical position. The twenty-sixth set on the east wall is on a vertical, and the thirteenth set on the west wall is slanted." 

I have never been able to confirm this observation, more recently l obtained 3d scans of the gallery walls, however, only the west wall is clear to observe these slots and inset stones, and here we see that Lepres observation has some truth except it is the 10th stone and not the 13th,as he states. I have contacted another more recent scanning team and hopefully they can clarify the state of the east wall.

Such clarity of detail is important in understanding the functions of these structures. Though the gizamids are well explored there are still plenty of observations like above that need to be followed up, as its hard to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.

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