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June 13, 2019 04:44PM
Waggy's Guides: A Layman's Guide to Selected Sites in Ancient Egypt

See also: [keithhamilton.academia.edu]

Great Pit of Abu Rawash - [www.academia.edu]

White pyramid of Amenemhat II - [www.academia.edu]

The Black Pyramid of Amenemhet III at Dahshur - [www.academia.edu]

Ameny-Qemau - [www.academia.edu]

Bent pyramid, Part 1 - [www.academia.edu]

Part 2 of the Bent pyramid guide - [www.academia.edu]

Bent pyramid (not exactly a guide) - [www.academia.edu]

Great Pits versus Shafts and Tunnels - [www.academia.edu]

Hawara Pyramid - [www.academia.edu]

The Pyramid of Khafre, A layman's guide - [www.academia.edu]

Khafre's Temples, Giza: Part I The Pyramid Temple : A Layman's Guide - [www.academia.edu]

Khafre's Temples, Part II, The Sphinx enclosure and causeway - [www.academia.edu]

Khafre's Temples, Giza: Part III, The Valley Temple : A Layman's Guide - [www.academia.edu]

Khendjer Userkare (near the Southern South Saqqara Pyramid) - [www.academia.edu]

Khentkawes tomb - [www.academia.edu]

Lahun pyramid - [www.academia.edu]

Mastaba 17 - [www.academia.edu]

Mastabat el-Fara'un - [www.academia.edu]

Mazghuna North - [www.academia.edu]

Mazghuna South - [www.academia.edu]

The Meidum Pyramid - [www.academia.edu]

The Subsidiary Pyramid at Meidum, is it a 60 degree pyramid? - [www.academia.edu]

The Minor Pyramids of Giza, Part 1 GII-A, GI-D A Layman"s guide - [www.academia.edu]

The Minor Pyramids of Giza, Part 2. GI-a, GI-b, GI-c, A Layman's Guide - [www.academia.edu]

The Minor Pyramids of Giza, Part 3. GI-a, GI-b, GI-c, A Layman's Guide - [www.academia.edu]

Menkaure pyramid - [www.academia.edu]

Osireion - [www.academia.edu]

Qsar el-Sagha - [www.academia.edu]

Red Pyramid - [www.academia.edu]

Senwosret III pyramid complex (Pt 1) - [www.academia.edu]

Senwosret III subterranean complex at Abydos guide - [www.academia.edu]

The Southern South Saqqara Pyramid (near Khendjer's pyramid) - [www.academia.edu]

Great pit of Zawiyet el-Aryan - [www.academia.edu]

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Waggy's Guides

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