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September 30, 2023, 5:45 am UTC    
June 03, 2002 03:22PM
<HTML>is resurfacing on Pravda.

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13:15 2002-05-30


June 6, at 16:00 PRAVDA.Ru holds an on-line press conference with Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science, Alexandr Chuvyrov. The professor of Bashkir State University found in Urals incontrovertible evidence of an ancient highly developed civilization’s existence. His find is a huge slab whose age is supposed to be about 120 million years.

"Our research topic is about possible migration of ancient Chinese to the territory of modern Russia: Siberia and Urals. By the way, we have discovered letters on the rocks made in ancient Chinese about 3000 years ago. During research process in Ufa archives we discovered notes from the end of 18th century about 200 unusual ancient stone plates. Our idea was that these plates are somehow connected to Chinese migrants.

Thus we were looking for some ancient civilization, but much more close to ourselves. We were expecting to see nothing more than hieroglyphs or pictures with running mammoth and deer typical for that period. There were six expeditions organized and in 28 July 1999 from 1,06 meter underground we found the plate now called “Dashkin kamen” (“kamen” is stone in Russian). It has significant size: about 1.5 meters heights, more than 1 meter width and 16 cm thick. It weights more than 1 tone. In scientists’ opinion, it is the relief – 3-D map.

We were absolutely happy, we thought we found a product made more 2000 years ago. The plate itself is artificial. It was produced from the special cement of three layers and the third layer is a white sprayed porcelain. It should be noticed that relief on this plate was not cut manually with some ancient stonecutter. It is evident that some mechanical work was done.

There is a region from Ufa up to Salavat town represented on the plate. Ufa hills are very familiar from one side. From the other side there are some changes. Firstly, we were surprised by Ufa canyon – the break in the earth’s crust from the present Ufa to the present Sterlitomak city. There was a river in it 2-3 kilometers deep and 3-4 kilometers wide. Nevertheless this break is one of the principal points of our proof. We made geological research and found it’s track in the place where it should be theoretically. Tectonic plates from the East crushed it for about 10-15 kilometers to the West. We assume that now Urshak river is on the place of this former canyon.

There are not only rivers, but two systems of channels up to 500 meters width and total length of 12,000 kilometers. The whole hydro system includes 12 dams of 300-500 meters width, 10 kilometers length and 2-3 kilometers deep. They made possible to turn water in any side, in any channel. About 1000 trillion of cube meters of soil were moved to create this."

Specially for PRAVDA.Ru
Huang Hong</HTML>
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That 'ancient Russian map' of the Urals

Doug Weller June 03, 2002 03:22PM

Re: That 'ancient Russian map' of the Urals

Anthony June 03, 2002 05:56PM

Re: That 'ancient Russian map' of the Urals

Don Barone June 03, 2002 10:53PM

Re: That 'ancient Russian map' of the Urals

Anthony June 04, 2002 05:40AM

Re: That 'ancient Russian map' of the Urals

Don Barone June 04, 2002 05:50AM

I have a time machine, its called a clock! n/t

sheshep ankh June 04, 2002 06:26AM

Re: That 'ancient Russian map' of the Urals

AWSX June 04, 2002 08:42AM

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