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June 21, 2024, 3:00 pm UTC    
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300 Million Years Old Fossilized Skin Discovered, Richards Spur, Oklahoma

Paul H. 01/12/2024 04:12PM

Massive Submarine Volcanic Plateau Has Been Lurking on the Pacific Ocean Floor

Paul H. 01/12/2024 03:44PM

Huge ring of galaxies challenges thinking on cosmos

Hermione 01/12/2024 07:39AM

Major East Coast cities are sinking, Virginia Tech research shows

Paul H. 01/11/2024 11:20AM

Scientists crack mystery of how MS gene spread

Hermione 01/10/2024 01:34PM

Re: Scientists crack mystery of how MS gene spread

Paul H. 01/11/2024 11:15AM

A 22-million-year-old petrified mangrove forest found in the Panama Canal

Paul H. 01/11/2024 10:41AM

Why Is China Drilling a 33,000-Feet Hole in Xinjiang?

Paul H. 01/07/2024 11:29AM

1.75-Billion-Year-Old Fossils Are Oldest Record of Oxygenic Photosynthesis

Paul H. 01/04/2024 04:13PM

'Giant' predator worms more than half a billion years old discovered in North Greenland

Paul H. 01/04/2024 04:12PM

Losiak, A., Holocene impact craters on Earth.

Paul H. 01/03/2024 04:00PM

How Japan’s powerful earthquakes have shifted the land

Hermione 01/02/2024 01:32PM

Rare Mammoth specimen discovered by miners near Beulah, North Dakota

Paul H. 12/30/2023 04:48PM

Beloved Beach Arch in Newport Crumbles, Leaving Oregon Coast With Bit of Geologic Mystery

Paul H. 12/30/2023 04:47PM

How Henrico man discovered a creek bed that could produce Virginia's first dinosaur bones

Paul H. 12/30/2023 04:46PM

Balanced boulders on San Andreas fault suggest the 'Big One' won't be as destructive as once thought

Paul H. 12/27/2023 08:58AM

Cats' dazzling eye colors may come from 1 unusual ancestor

Paul H. 12/26/2023 07:50PM

The oldest known fossils of the Frankincense and Myrrh family come from India

Paul H. 12/24/2023 03:40PM

Guinness Book of Records names ancient Paratethys as 'largest lake ever'

Paul H. 12/24/2023 02:31PM

The volcano in Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland finally eruped

Paul H. 12/18/2023 08:47PM

Live Video of the Volcanic Eruption in Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland

Paul H. 12/18/2023 09:14PM

Re: The volcano in Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland finally eruped

Hermione 12/19/2023 11:09AM

Spectacular wall collapse of the Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Paul H. 07/19/2023 03:27PM

Day 14 at the volcano eruption in Iceland

Hermione 07/23/2023 03:38PM

Fagradalsfjall eruption: emergency declared

Hermione 11/11/2023 05:57PM

In pictures: Volcano spews lava after erupting in Iceland (19 Dec 2023)

Hermione 12/19/2023 11:07AM

Traveller's description of late 19th cent. volcanoes in Iceland

Hermione 11/30/2023 08:57AM

Long dormant volcanoes can erupt rapidly and explosively,

Paul H. 12/15/2023 02:13PM

The World's Biggest Nuclear Fusion Reactor Just Came Online

Paul H. 12/11/2023 04:04PM

Gigantic Wave in Pacific Ocean Was Most Extreme 'Rogue Wave' on Record

Paul H. 12/11/2023 04:00PM

Pliosaur discovery at Dorset cliffs

Hermione 12/10/2023 05:54AM

New maps of deglaciation of the North American ice sheet complex in calendar years

Paul H. 12/09/2023 09:35PM

Cats have nearly 300 facial expressions,

Paul H. 12/06/2023 04:35PM

Cats' dazzling eye colors may come from 1 unusual ancestor

Paul H. 12/06/2023 04:34PM

Dinosaurs Might Be The Reason We're Not Living to 200 Years Old

Paul H. 12/06/2023 04:13PM

Open access paper supporting Bolaven Plateau as location for source crater of Australasian strewn field

Paul H. 12/06/2023 12:12PM

Earliest-known fossil mosquito suggests males were bloodsuckers too

Paul H. 12/05/2023 12:17PM

Strange Discovery of a Six-Planet System in Perfect Harmony

Paul H. 12/05/2023 12:07PM

“Chill Factor” – The Volcanic Plot Twist in Dinosaur Extinction

Paul H. 12/05/2023 12:04PM

Rapid ice melt in west Antarctica now inevitable, research argues

Paul H. 11/24/2023 03:08PM

Through the first Antarctic night, 1898-1899

Hermione 11/24/2023 05:19PM

Attenborough ship encounters mammoth iceberg A23a (4 Dec 2023)

Hermione 12/04/2023 11:08AM

Solar storms may bring auroras to United States

Paul H. 11/30/2023 12:18PM

Aurora Prediction Dashboard at Space Weather Prediction Center

Paul H. 12/03/2023 10:11PM

Early Cambrian microfossils preserve introvert musculature of cycloneuralians

Paul H. 12/03/2023 04:28PM

'Impossible' orange auroras spotted in UK

Paul H. 12/03/2023 12:16PM

'Perfect solar system' found in search for alien life

Hermione 11/29/2023 05:49PM

The Glowing Secret That Mammals Have Been Hiding

Paul H. 11/27/2023 09:48PM

Why Are Rails Shaped Like That?

Paul H. 11/27/2023 09:38PM

Iceland Volcano Leads Geologists to New Lava Fountain Theory

Paul H. 11/27/2023 09:36PM

Timing of Opalization at Lightning Ridge, Australia: New Evidence from Opalized Fossils.

Paul H. 11/26/2023 10:42AM

How precious metals were brought to Earth

Paul H. 11/26/2023 10:42AM

Fossils tell tale of last primate to inhabit North America before humans

Paul H. 11/26/2023 10:39AM

Aftershocks from 200-year-old earthquakes are still being felt today (New Madrid, Missouri)

Paul H. 11/26/2023 10:37AM

Extremely high-energy particle detected falling to Earth

Paul H. 11/24/2023 07:20PM

The Massive Mystery Volcanic Eruption in 1808; Found in the Andes?

Paul H. 11/24/2023 03:38PM

How do cats purr? New finding challenges long-held assumptions

Paul H. 11/24/2023 03:23PM

Colossal Cache of Lithium Found, McDermitt Caldera, Oregon

Paul H. 11/24/2023 03:06PM

If You’ve Ever Heard a Voice That Wasn’t There, This Could Be Why

Paul H. 11/24/2023 03:04PM

Ice stupas to counter effects of climate change

Hermione 11/22/2023 12:48PM

Harvard astronomer’s “alien spherules” are industrial pollutants

Paul H. 11/20/2023 11:15AM

Re: Harvard astronomer’s “alien spherules” are industrial pollutants

Hermione 11/20/2023 12:09PM

The Secrets of the Cosmos in Canterbury Cathedral

Hermione 11/14/2023 01:40PM

'Lost echidna' not extinct

Hermione 11/10/2023 05:32AM

James Webb telescope multitasks as a baby monitor

Hermione 11/04/2023 09:16AM

Ground uplift detected northwest of Þorbjörn Iceland

Paul H. 10/28/2023 09:35PM

Re: Ground uplift detected northwest of Þorbjörn Iceland

Hermione 10/29/2023 10:41AM

An ancient river landscape preserved beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet

Paul H. 10/24/2023 02:03PM

Lost Continent Argoland Located 155 Million Years After It Broke From Australia

Paul H. 10/24/2023 10:31AM

The Moon Is 40 Million Years Older Than Thought, Lunar Rock Samples Suggest

Paul H. 10/24/2023 10:18AM

Meltdown of West Antarctic Ice Sheet unavoidable, study says

Paul H. 10/24/2023 09:55AM

Dinosaur footprints exposed on Isle of Wight beach

Hermione 10/24/2023 07:25AM